Lesson Replacement Policy

  1. If your child is absent due to sickness, or another one-off unavoidable situation which results in your child being unable to attend their lesson, a replacement lesson will be offered but only on the basis that sufficient notice is given which enables us to offer that place to another child who is waiting for a replacement lesson. To clarify: replacement lessons are offered if reasonable notice is given; it is assumed that you will be aware beforehand if your child is unwell or unable to attend for another unavoidable reason. If, however, you only inform us of an absence shortly before, or after your child’s lesson should have begun, a replacement will not be offered.
  2. As explained above, if your child is unable to attend his / her lesson for a valid reason, and if adequate notice is given, you will be offered a replacement lesson as and when a space becomes available, such as when another child is absent.
  3. We realise that the first replacement time offered may not necessarily be convenient and so (as and when a space becomes available) you will be offered a maximum of four alternative replacement time-slots. If however, you choose to decline all four time-slots you will forfeit the lesson and no refunds will be given for any such lessons under any circumstances.
  4. Commitment is an important aspect of the tuition process and so, in the unlikely event that it becomes evident that your child is missing a large number of lessons, then offers of replacements will cease. If we deem the number of absences to be unreasonable, you may be asked to leave.
  5. We do not replace replacement lessons: i.e., if your child misses a replacement lesson, which you have agreed to take, this will not be replaced.
  6. Replacement lessons will not be given if you take your child on holiday during our term-time. We serve many schools and school calendars may differ slightly but, for logistical reasons, our calendar is fixed and although your child’s school may have different holidays to our calendar, you are still expected to bring your child for their lessons during our term-time. In short, any lessons missed due to holidays taken during our term-time will not be replaced.
  7. We do not replace lessons missed, for any reason, during the last week of a term or the last week of a half-term, or the first week of a term or the first week after a half-term break.
  8. August Summer holiday tuition is in great demand and space is very limited, therefore we cannot offer replacements for lessons missed during this time, neither will replacement lessons be given during the summer holidays for lessons missed during our term-time.

Last reviewed May 2023

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